About Us


The mission of College to provide right inputs to help of students grow up into caring and sharing individuals, equipped for making the right choices in life and grow up to be responsive citizens of the country and the world. We accompany and mentor our students so that they develop as women of competence, compassion and conscience, and empowered with ignited minds and hearts, pursue the goal of transformation of our society.


H.L. Teachers Training College Partnering in the Vision of all students makes its contribution to the creation of a just, humane and inclusive society on earth through providing transformative education in the current time .


One of the most important objectives of the institute is endeavor through education, training, development extension and consultancy to play a positive role in the integrated development of well qualified professional manpower at all level. It aims the mission statement and includes the vital issues for expected result The manager must have a clear picture of what they want to accomplish. So they plan the vision to others and motivate to work towards on the vision. They inspire ideas and draw others to work with the problem that seems insistently interlocks, provide non instructional support.